Potomac River Info

Potomac River Info

Paddle boarding and surfing the Potomac River between Great Falls and Little Falls is amazing, and many features are in play at different levels. There are beginner features such as Virginia Chute, ....Read More »

SUP Community


Washington, D.C. is an awesome place to SUP and stand up paddleboard. The Potomac River is a great place to take lessons and to learn, because you can SUP and paddleboard on flat water, and on swift water.… Read More »

SUP Equipment

SUP Equipment

Having the right equipment is very important to learning how to stand up paddleboard. We hope you find this guide useful. There are generally two types of boards you want to consider purchasing, either inflatables.. . … Read More »

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Paddleboard Wetsuit or Drysuit

Are you wondering whether to wear a wetsuit or a drysuit in the winter on the Potomac River?  Well, we're gonna give you some basic info to help you decide.  First, let's go over … [Read More...]

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Jon Mengenhauser Surfing Without A Paddle

Check out Jon Mengenhauser prone paddling into Virginia Chute on the Potomac River. No paddle needed. The is the best surf video on the Potomac River. … [Read More...]

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Where To Surf

Here is some information about where to surf at different levels. 2.9 Wet Bottom 2.8-3.0 Odeck 3.2-3.8 Maryland Chute 3.4-3.9 Virginia Chute 3.8-4.3 Rocky Island 3.6-3.8 Odeck 4.2-5.1 Offutt Wave 5.5-6.0 Center Chute 7.5 Skull island ......read more